Monday, January 16, 2017

Serials and Scenarios ~ Spiky Balls and Iced in Mondays

I am currently experiencing and ice storm here on the edge of the Might Mo. That would be the Missouri River which is just down the old interstate from me and is very, very cold right now. 

All schools are closed. Many other locations are shut down. People are experiencing epic snowday fun inside their homes. I'm cleaning. And getting a few blog posts posted because I'm a slacker and have not done much of either the past few weeks. The doggos are going to get a bath today. The round headed little kid of cuteness is sliding up and down the stairs checking out the Hulu marathon upstairs and the crazy haired grandma downstairs. 

Two bloggers featured me last week. Well, not exactly me. My hedgehogs and my blog. But I'll claim it's all about me. 

My cute little daughter blogger (who shockingly still likes me after living with me for two months) posted about her love of this here blog. Silly girl who made a beautiful baby. You can read her post here. 

And my hedgehogs as writing inspiration is here. As you will see, they are not exactly muses