Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Potty Waltz

Ever see a kid do a potty dance? You know the slow do-si-do involving crossed legs, and possibly crossed eyes? Occasionally, the polka version of the potty dance includes the clenched thigh forward tango, the tight turn and the final leap onto the toilet.

Dogs have a potty dance. At least mine do. It is practiced several times a day with varying results. This would describe my reaction.

Anticipation? Watching the "finding-the-sweet-spot" potty waltz.

Frustration? Hoping, coaching, waiting, finally giving up only to be summoned to the door 25 minutes later.

Insanity? Two dogs with unique potty peculiarities and ADHD. 
"Squirrel? Bark!!! What was that? Bark?" 
Tear to the right. Stop. Sniff. Run left. Stop. Sniff. 
"Wait? Is that a squirrel?" Bark!!!!

Satisfaction? Two dogs who go directly out and take care of bizness then tire of sniffing before the mosquitoes come out to feast on the people who wait patiently for the dogs to for-reals go potty.