Monday, August 23, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ First Things First

Cut the Crapola.. update.

So far the most exciting thing I've seen happen on our excess fast is the answer to prayer we are seeing and receiving.

Each of us has picked six people to pray for, and have committed to really praying for them each day. And for 23 days we've done just that. We've prayed together for our people. And we've prayed separately and have shared notes. We've shared the tiny answers (and some bigger ones) we've seen as a result of giving these relationships to God and desiring to be obedient in what He's calling us to do. A couple of the people we are praying for don't even know Jesus and since we've begun praying there have been several times that spiritual conversations have coincidentally (ha, godincidentally) happened.

Some difficult relationships are on our prayer list as well. And we've all seen our own attitudes change and some subtle changes in our people, too. Fascinating.

This six-month adventure is about ridding ourselves of stuff that isn't good for us... I don't think we understood how toxic some of our thinking had become. I hope that when this is all said and done we will take away the truth that God truly does want our cares and concerns cast on Him. Because stewing, retaliating, blaming, and even wishing don't do any good. But He can.

I'm proud of us for not spending money hand over fist (23 days in we've all spent less than $10.00 on the wants in our lives). We've all accomplished some of the mini goals we've set. We are continuing to strive to make the best choices possible healthwise and are seeing results there as well. On all fronts. But the most amazing thing is seeing God work. I wonder how much I've missed by not paying attention to His workings in the past or by neglecting to go to Him in the first place.