Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Tails, Tales, Tells...

 Names? You know you wanna know. 

There were quite a few combinations we had to choose from. Because when you have twins you gotta have a theme of some sort, right? So we went with alliteration vs. some of the other options. 
I mean Thelma and Louise would have been adorable, but I didn't like the end of that duo, ya know? 

We picked out some flower names that were fun. Poppy didn't sit well with Rob, Iris was his choice, which was great, but alliteration is so fun and what goes with Iris? 

We had several older lady names that are fun for puppies and a wee bit out of vogue. 

The winner? Gladys and Gertrude. Glad, Gladie, Gert or Gertie. 
They are being amazingly good about potty business. 
Not that there aren't accidents. But whenever we take them out into the grass they do a little something, something. It's the cutest thing to see something the size of a guinea pig squat to pee. Seriously. Cute. Especially outside in the grass. Not so much on the floor.