Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Fortunately, Unfortunately

Sunday morning I woke up early, looked at my clock, told my bladder to go back to sleep and quit whining and I passed out for a few more minutes. My bladder didn't stay asleep long, and when I opened my eyes to check how stinking early it was, I noticed that there were no red numbers on my clock.

I turned and looked at Rob's. Nope. None. Our electricity was out. There was not a new foot of snow and gale force winds were not whipping through the trees. Hmmm. Why? Unfortunate, methinks.

We have a well. And electronic ignition on our stove and furnace. No electricity = no heat, no water, NO COFFEE!!!! This is serious.
Fortunately, my bladder woke me so we could possibly get going, arrive on time, and still get coffee in us.

Unfortunately, I didn't plan for the electricity to take a powder and didn't know where the nearest flashlight was. Fortunately, there was just enough light that I might be able to read the power company's phone number. Unfortunately, dim lighting and font the size of insect footprints was not a good combination.

Fortunately, the others knew where a flashlight was. Unfortunately, we all needed showers (did I mention coffee?). Fortunately, 23 was pet-sitting at two houses, and she had to go to one of them anyway. She packed up her stuff (including her snacks for her Sunday School Valentine's Day party) and headed out. She gave us the keys and the alarm information for the second house. (Does this foreshadow anything for you?) I grabbed personal items and shoved them into a bag while Rob did the same. Unfortunately, this house was the one I grew up in and I knew it only had one shower. (Don't know how the five of us did that.) Fortunately, we were both wide awake and no one was likely to sleep during shower time. Fortunately, the alarm has this sweet key chain with four buttons. One you don't push unless you've been kidnapped or hijacked. That's the red button. 23 made sure to tell me multiple times about the red button. "Do NOT push that one!"

To be continued. Hey. I have to go to work.