Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Off the Record

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My Review:

Elizabeth White's Off the Record ended up surprising me. I expected a typical romance boy meets girl etc. etc. But what White manages to pull off is a sweet look at the damage done through kept secrets and truth's freeing power.

Charming characters and situations full of humor, tension or sweetness made this book a quick read. The revealed secret ended up holding a few surprising elements.

I was pleased to find that my favorite character from the book, Matt, will be starring in White's next release, "Controlling Interest."

One note to very cautious readers. White uses slang throughout. If you make it a policy to NOT veer from conservative Christian fiction you may find some words and situations offensive.

Those looking for a humor infused read, romance lovers, and women's fiction junkies should find much to like in "Off the Record."