Monday, June 01, 2009

Serials and Scenarios ~ Giveaway Winners....Drum Roll, Please....

Lesley wins the Latino set.
ossmcalc is the winner of the Hachette Asian book giveaway.

Nicole wins the Mother's Day books.

Thanks to all of you for the fabulous comments and for not injuring each other in the comment posting frenzy.

Hopefully, Hachette is going to make a habit out of book giveaways.

I will contact each of the winners via e-mail and ask for a snail mail addy. However, if the winner doesn't hear from me check the spam and if all else fails e-mail to me at kelly( period )klepfer( at )gmail( dot )com.

And for the rest of you who are NOT losers...this may make you feel better.

We have a young man at our church who has some of which is a social disconnect. He plays a great piano though, and every once in awhile will grace us with a passionate worship song.

Yesterday I walked up to him to thank him for playing. He shook my hand, looked me dead in the eye, cocked his head and said. "Kelly? Kelly Klepfer?"


"You don't look like yourself."

"Well, uhhhh, I got my hair cut."

Still staring. He smiled, dropped my hand and waved his in the air. "Oh, we all get older."

So, now don't you feel better about not winning the books?