Monday, February 09, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Yes, Virginia, Chia Muffins Are Delicious

After the whole Chia lesson last Monday I'll bet you thought I
had moved on.

No such luck.

I must report that Chia muffins are delish.

I'd post a picture of said muffins but a) can't find the stupid camera b) they are all gone c) I'm going to make more so eventually you'll see one.

These little buggars were moist, tasty and nutrition packed.

Think old fashioned oatmeal, hardly any sugar or fat, whole grain flour blend, flax seed, bananas and nuts.

My Sunday school class was very excited. I asked if the muffins were good. I heard "not good. DELICIOUS." Did I mention that they are healthy? Fifth and sixth graders also love the unique characteristic of the gel blobs that get stuck in the teeth and swell up and make themselves known up to half an hour. Hey, for fiber and complex protein sources, you make exceptions. : )

Once I tweak the recipe a little more and make sure I've got good ingredient ratios and try it with other fruit etc I will post it for all of you chia lover wannabes.