Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Return to Me

Robin Lee Hatcher's latest book reviewed below. Click on the book cover to visit Amazon's Return to Me page. Robin answered the standard dregs questions and I'll post them on Friday (8-03)

My Review:

Roxie and Elena, broken, misunderstood and desperate for the same thing -- love -- choose different paths to get it. Elena, the good girl with the long list of do's and don't's, and Roxie, the rebel.

This modern reblending of the truths within the story of the Prodigal made me think and struggle with the reality of God's raw and generous grace, and the hearts that feel either unworthy or stingy.

Robin Lee Hatcher is a fine wordsmith and provided tension and multi-faceted characters. I especially liked the backstory as it unfolded in memorable events as seen through the eyes of Roxie and Elena as children. The struggle between sisters put me in a position to choose whom to root for and I couldn't decide because I understood how they each made the choices they did, and how much it cost them to do so. I was uncertain how the story would play out until the end so this was a quick read for me. Another book to blame a pile of unfolded laundry on.

Hatcher and women's fiction fans should find much to like in Return to Me.