Friday, June 08, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Tribulation House

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My Review:

I didn’t get my copy of Tribulation House until after the blog tour several weeks ago. Since I’ve now got a copy in my hands, I’m going to share my review.

Chris Well is truly a creative writer. In his hands words, grammar and punctuation take on artistic and unusual configurations. Unless you are a phobic regarding proper book-stylings, this is a good thing.

Unique blends of POV are woven throughout. Well obviously knows writing rules and then he transcends them.

Not only is Tribulation House a wild and crazy read like you might imagine from the premise. It is touching and spiritually and emotionally challenging. Well is similar in style to Ray Blackston and a newcomer, Geoffrey Wood, using humorous situations to penetrate and weave a story that will stick with the reader.

I’m giving Tribulation House 4.5 stars.