Friday, August 26, 2011

Serials and Scenario's Sarah Matheny's peas and thank you - again

Back to my obsessive thoughts about Peas and Thank You...the book.

e Cookies

I've baked and tasted a bunch of Vegan cookies. Some are really tasty, others are a F
AIL. Now. I happen to love a cookie I've tweaked. But there is a lot of flax in it and it tastes "green" i.e. healthy. To those who don't care for green it just doesn't quite hit the spot.

Sarah's cookie -- Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie with Sea Salt to be exact -- is delicious
for other reasons.





Does it taste remotely healthy?


All three of us liked them very much.

Will it become my favorite cookie? Probably not mine, because I really prefer chewy, gooey. However, I will make them again and think they are a good Omnivore option wherein said Omnivore will just say "Yum! Good cookie." and never suspect something shady.

And I'm going to try her Peanut Butter Blondies with Ganache. I'm pretty sure they will become an obsession.
I have never used silken tofu. This will be a maiden voyage for me. Now I'm just going to have to find it, buy it, and get this dessert made. Will it happen this weekend? Good goal.

Note: She has posted the recipe on her blog. Some of her recipes are there, some are only found in her book.