Saturday, May 02, 2009

Super Cinema Saturday ~ Bedtime Stories

My Review:

Bedtime Stories is the family-friendly Adam Sandler coming out to play.

Low on inappropriate language though there are plenty of slang terms, heavy on quirky characters, Sandler plays the goofy anti-hero who is just looking for his special place in the world. His friends help him along. There are fewer sexual innuendos than in previous Sander flicks. However, there are quite a few cleavage shots. Overall, Bedtime Stories is closer in feel to Mr. Deeds than Happy Gilmore,Wedding Singer or 50 First Dates.

Why I liked it? Sandler is amusing with his sarcastic delivery and pent-up energy. The characters he plays are little boys in a man's body and that's always entertaining in my book. The movies he produces are sweet on several levels. Pro-family, not necessarily the mom, pop and 1.5 kids family, but the made up pack-type of families that tend to form on our American landscape. I love that Sandler's characters are overcomers. Regardless of the rottenness of life, they tend to struggle with the idea of change but eventually grab hold of a challenge and become better people. Sander's characters, in all the movies I've seen, are quirkily real and sometimes annoyingly sweet. The good guys have warts and the bad guys, well, they have way more warts and bad attitudes, too. Bedtime Stories contains all of these elements.

What I find annoying? The Little People aka dwarfs always seem thrown in for simple laugh fodder.

This is fun entertainment and classic Sandler. If you love his stuff, or family movies, you'll want to check it out.