Thursday, August 07, 2008

Serials and Scenarios ~ Davis Bunn's All Through the Night

Hey there. One more book this week. I read four while on vacation. Okay. Not complete, but I finished two and started two. And still got to float on the lake and cook and sleep and shop. Yes. Dream vacation....

Anyhoo. Click here to read chapter one of All Through the Night and here to visit Davis Bunn's website. A click on the book cover will take you to the mucho informative Amazon page.

My Review:

Davis Bunn has written a story full of redemption and hope. The characters are a rag-tag mix of broken and abused. As so often happens, the characters use their pain as fuel to protect themselves and keep others out of the areas that are still wounded.

And they live with the consequences of those choices -- alone.

On the surface All Through the Night is about a trained soldier with an amazing mind for numbers who settles in a retirement community to help them recover from a scam. Entertaining reading with that element alone because Bunn provides a beautiful woman, guns, explosions, fast boats and bad guys.

But the spiritual aspects drove the story. One fragile elderly lady determines to love Wayne and to pray for him. As his heart softens toward her, a deep transformation begins.

After an initial struggle getting into the story, I discovered a good read.