Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Scraps and Snippets ~ Recipe Score!!!!

 So. Just a teaser. I've got my recipes ready to enter into the contest. Here's the end product in all their glory. 

I'll post recipes, as soon as I know when I can, and I think you are going to love them. Healthy, check. Tasty, two thumbs up. Or six if you count Rob and &. 

Let's just say you won't have a chance to try any if you drop  by because they are officially gone. 

It took about 6 tries to get the tweaking done. One try ended up with & spitting her bite out into the trash can. Seriously. Last night, she was way, way more complimentary.
 The flavors are: cranberry orange, white chocolate mocha, peanut butter mocha and black forest.