Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Celebrity Match-Ups

Have you ever wanted to look like a celebrity?

Even vegetables do. You know - the photo of the potato resembling Richard Nixon that makes the front page of the newspaper on really slow news days.

Here's a link to the next best thing.

You don't have to have massive quantities of plastic surgery. You don't need a personal trainer. You, too, can look like a famous person. Uh, no guarantees on which famous people you might dig up.


I presented two pictures. These are the celebrities I resemble, with the percentage noted. Laugh with me.

Click on the really long links if you want the whole visual experience.

Picture one:http://www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/face-recognition-results.php?temp=7ad26c44mzclqv06&server=Server1&database=1&startYear=1800&endYear=2005

Liza Minelli - 68%
Marcia Cross - 67%
Elle Macpherson - 67% (This one resulted in the expulsion of hot coffee, through my nose, onto my keyboard.)
Patrick Swayze - 66% (I'm not sure what to say. Should I be flattered, should he?)
Victoria Principal - 64%
Jamie Lynn Spears - 63% (Maybe that's why people tell me I look young.)
Charlotte Church - 62% (Hey, I have her pipes, too. Ha.)
And a three way tie for 61%, Heike Drechsler, Roseanne Barr and Oprah Winfrey. (Maybe I'm destined to have a talk show - in Germany.)

Picture two:

Jacques Villeneuve - 71% (He's a cute, French, young man. But if you've read my post about my experience with the French language - you know this is not a good fit. If you haven't - here's the link to the story...it's about three paragraphs into the post http://kellyklepfer.blogspot.com/2006_04_20_kellyklepfer_archive.html
I do like to go fast though. Sometimes.)
Jamie Lynn Spears - 63% (again....hmmm...)
Mischa Barton - 62% (there's a theme here. Young. Yay! And this is the more momish of the pictures.)
Helen Clark - 61% (okay - definitely looks momish - I spoke too soon)
Carl Lewis - 59%
Shania Twain and Tom Cruise tie at - 58% (well, I don't take psych meds - so Tom and I have that in common.)
Liza Minelli comes in at 57%
Monica Lewinsky - 54% (What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said?)
Konrad Adenauer - 53% (okay - this is digging pretty deep. The guy was born in the late 1800's.)

So who do you look like?