Thursday, December 22, 2011

Serials and Scenarios ~ Canteen Slim's Barrel of Laughs and the Circle of Grins ~ Reviewed

My friends, Nashville Kat and Canteen Slim are releasing books this month.

I featured Kat's Happy Husband Cookbook a few days ago. And today, I want to turn the spotlight to Canteen Slim's Barrel of Laughs and the Circle of Grins.

Here's what Kat has to say. "My husband's kids rhyme book is his creative outlet. He's an actor and singer/songwriter who loves to write and draw and paint. If you squeeze him, creativity just flows out. Plus he's really cute! His book is fun and silly plus it has important life lesson's in it. When I read his rhyme called 'Character Counts' to my cousin, she bought 10 copies - sight unseen. I know what he wrote was annointed and most just flowed off his pen."

And my thoughts.

I love the silliness of children's books. My favorites include those that contain creative writing, rhymes, fun tongue-in-cheek playful word play, quirky drawings/art, or absurdities. Barrel of Laughs and the Circle of Grins contains all of the above. A little bit of gross humor, a few creatively worded lessons, common sense delivered in a whimsical manner, and just plain fun. This little collection is just pretty darn enchanting.