Monday, July 21, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Super Toe to the Rescue

In case you can't tell by the graphic picture, I have a purple toe. Yes, my ring toe (what else do you call it?) was the victim of a smash and bash today.

My sweet daughter, Ms. 21, broke her pinkie toe several weeks ago. It is healing nicely but still not a happy camper, or walker...definitely not kicker. She refers to it as her grape toe. Her story, she was in a rush and ran to get a phone and as she turned a corner, she made it, all but her pinkie.

You'd think a tiny little appendage wouldn't stop an entire human in their tracks. This one did.

Much babying, taping and icing later, she has managed to snag that little sucker only three or four more times. Not pretty.

She claims I could have been more sympathetic. Whatever.

So today, 21 and I took Lily and Lola out on the town. They went through the bank drive-thru and got a puppy treat and oohs and ahhs. Then we went to Petsmart and they got to pick out a toy to share, some "new baby" gifts for a new cousin and a big bag of treats. Fun. Fun. They spent a little time in the car with Grandma (me) while Mommy went into Best Buy (No dogs allowed. The nerve.) They got lunch leftovers and then we headed home.

For some strange reason the puppies, the 70-pound puppies scattered once they were out of the car. First to go potty. Good Girls! Then to sniff and walk the yard parameters.

I held several shopping bags and had my left foot up on the bottom concrete step, readying to go into the house when Lily walked toward me. She then executed some clumsy maneuver and fell. Down two steps. She landed squarely on my ring toe. Bam.

She immediately got up, shook it off and carried on with her doggie business.
Thank heavens my toe was there to break her fall.

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Monday Hee, Hee

Some Mondays are only tolerable when you've got a friend along for the ride.