Thursday, October 09, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Paws Again.

Since I've started on a theme of pets and their spiritual personality, I can't leave out Freckles.

Sigh. Poor Freckles. She has succumbed to the great spiritual enemy of fear.

Freckles used to be bold. She used to rule the house. In fact, Freckles was at one point a bully in all her boldness. She weathered a 130 pound canine and took all he handed out and gave it back. She did develop a series of bladder infections because her litter box sat near his kennel, but that's beside the point. Who knew!?!

Freckles undoing is Feral. He has shaken her confidence and rocked her world. I've encouraged her, we've restricted his access to her, we've given her peptalks to no avail.

Until Freckles realizes Feral is just a little bitty kitty, she's going to be conquered over and over again.

Hmmm. Who or what is crushing your inner Freckles? Rah. Rah. Go, Freckles, go.