Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - So I've Been Thinking....

Don't know why but I've really been aware of song lyrics lately.

It might be because I've seen one too many musicals in the past few weeks.

Now, if you are a musical fan, don't start booing and hissing. Even rabid fans have to admit that not all songs from musicals are "Dream the Impossible Dream." Right?

Some are just really lame dialogue set to music.

On the flip side, simplistic thoughts can become profound when set to the right music.

Coldplay's The Scientist...as a poem it works, simple thoughts, some truth to chew on, but set to the music the words almost haunt. One of my favorites, Peter Gabriel's "The Book of Love" too true, and so simple.

Digging even deeper...I wonder about my own use of words. The more I say, the more I muddy the water. The more flowery and profound I try to be in my writing the more layers I add and the more basic truth I cover with fluff and smoke.

Good ending spot, eh what?