Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Veggie House

& and Rob built a little greenhouse for plant starts and etc.  They got the finishing touches on it last night and loaded it with our plant babies. We will be putting things in the ground in about two weeks. I harvested a whole lot of weeds in our garden that are LOVING this unusually warm April weather. It is supposed to hit 90 again today.

Not the best pictures of the green house. But it was pre-sun and I was excited.

Four screen shelves for drainage and sun. A top and front that open for easy access. 

And look at the babies. We have teeny lettuces from seeds, baby tomato plants (Heirloom, from seeds saved from the best tomatoes from our CSA last year.) There was a micro Cilantro harvest last night and we will have sage and basil.

Now that we know what's taking off from our plantings a few weeks ago, we'll start some more and pop them in our new plant incubator. And then use it through the fall for herbs and lettuces.