Monday, January 28, 2013

#16 QuitCHIR ~ Connections

Humanity is so connected. Like the Kevin Bacon game I do think many of of are separated by just a few degrees.

I received a comforting reminder yesterday that no matter how out of control life gets, our lives don't spin away from God's notice.

An old connection has suffered a tragedy. And though I'm no longer in a position to come alongside and bring comfort, God still is. And as I pray about this loss, I can know that God has placed others in their lives, and that He is a present and ready help in their time of need.

This is what we were created for, to have relationships, to make a difference, to love and live and leave a legacy behind. Though I've lost touch with this family, the time we were connected isn't forgotten and even now I can pray for them. 

When we are part of the vine of Christ we are not alone. His blood runs through our veins and His Spirit connects us on a level we can't even begin to understand. 

If you have a struggle, if you feel alone, if you wonder if this life of faith is worth it, know that you are not a lone wolf. If you are connected to Christ, you are connected to life, and to hope, and to a future.  

And if you are not connected yet, someone who is may be praying for you.