Monday, October 11, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Happy Birthday 24

Happy Birthday, 24.

I have no clue where the days have gone.

Wasn't it just yesterday that I barely saw you as they whisked you away from me to work on you? And the twelve long hours before I could hold you and could finally see your sweet little face up close. How serious you seemed as you looked up at me. I wonder what you were thinking.

I hope you knew, even then, that I love you more than life itself. And that God loves you even more than I do even though that seems like an impossible.

Today, I hope you know how very proud I am. Not just because you are mature and wise. I am proud of you because you will climb rocky hillsides to reach the high road and then you will walk it even when the low road is so much easier to navigate. I'm proud because your friends range from small children to folks who get Social Security checks. I'm proud because you want to see the good in situations and people. I'm proud because your inner beauty is breathtaking and lights up the outer beauty and turns your smile into a megawatt glow that is a lighthouse to people who are currently unable to see or feel the sun's rays. I am proud because you choose to seek God and His wisdom...even when the "wisdom" of the world or your experiences goes against God's wisdom and seems so much easier.

I'm proud of you for being joyful and crazy funny in a world that is often dark and scary and without hope. I'm proud of you for getting kicked by those you love but for loving anyway. I'm proud of you for being willing to offer God all of your hopes, dreams, heart and life. I'm proud of you for being quick to listen, forgive, believe and trust.

You, my beautiful and amazing daughter. bring joy into my life and your friendship blesses me beyond what words can express. I hope that your birthday is a tenth as special as you are because if it is it will be very special indeed.