Thursday, September 02, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ All Roads....

I'm glad everyone enjoyed Rob's Wyoming photos. He's got a great eye. I'm going to have to join him sometime. It's Wyoming him...3, Wyoming

Speaking of trips. Just got back, (yesterday at 4:00 p.m. to be exact) from a trip to Minnesota. Friday to Wednesday full of shopping, laughing, talking and eating. Great time. I always feel a little guilty abandoning Rob. I didn't even talk to him save for two short texts telling him we'd made it in one piece and that I loved him. But. He was glad to see me and thrilled that I made him coffee this morning. : ). (Takes so little sometimes. Ha.)

Shopping. Did I say shopping? Yes. And I'm on this Cut the Crapola excess dump. How did that work? It was a little painful. We hit an outlet mall for an entire day and then spent a few hours at Mall of America. How did I do that and not blow every bit of my six-month budget of $300.00 to cover anything and everything fun and fluffy?

I did spend some. I bought two "fabulous-deal" gifts which do not come out of the fun and fluffy fund. We ate Indian food for lunch and went out for coffee for breakfast which did require shaking moulah from the fund. Then I found some amazing bargains. Clearance with an additional 40 or 50% off. This is the test of all tests in the area of self-control. There is nothing I love more than super clearance. And I bought. But. I got away with a mere $13.99 for three CUTE shirts. Making my total for the entire month of August just a fraction under $28.00. I'm okay with that. It's good practical experience and knowledge for our upcoming road trip to New Mexico.

We packed food so we didn't spend a thing on the road. We can do that for New Mexico which will take exactly twice as long travelwise. So I'm feeling pretty confident that I can keep this up and actually stay under budget. September's portion of $50 is already taking a hit. I've committed to two social activities that are going to eat up around $25.00. So outside of those, I'm going to have to be pretty squeaky tight.

We also finished out the month praying for our people every day, reading the things that we committed to read, and getting in our daily workouts. Month one was a total success. Month two goals are going to include immersing myself in music, increasing the amount I'm running, and purging my house of stuff I don't need or use as well as continuing to pray and grow and cut.