Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Making Old School Cool...

Saturday I was able to join my first TEDx event. I've seen a few talks on Youtube and the like and I've always found that I take at least one thing away from a small investment of time. 

But in Omaha we have our own TEDx organization. A friend is part of the planning committee and suggested my daughter and I might like a TEDx Adventure. We traveled to a little town on our side of the river in Iowa. Malvern, Iowa, population?  Not so many. 

(I love it when Omaha crosses the river into our territory.) 

A Carnegie library makes it's home in Malvern. A classic white clapboard church has been transformed into an art studio, home to a terrific artist and my new kitty buddy.  Old downtown buildings are being reclaimed and made beautiful in all their glory. 

We lunched at a lovely cafe/bar/coffee house with a for reals piano man playing away. 

Should you be looking for a town like Malvern, there is a lovely bike trail and there will be some upcoming housing available this summer. (No hotel, really.) But the Art Church has an apartment that is going to be rented out (which is really cool. I'd love to stay a night or two.) A historic building near the bike trail is being renovated to provide more housing.