Thursday, September 03, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles~ The Curious Case of the Mistaken Identity

A few weeks ago I spent a lovely day it with my little grandloves and we took a trip to the zoo. Oh, so many exciting things to see. We even saw a turtle giving another turtle a piggy back ride!  Those silly turtles.

My daughter loves bulldogs. I must admit I think they are pretty stinking cute too. While we were driving down the street with the kiddos a bulldog popped his cute little mooshface out the window. My daughter and I oohed and ahhed but she couldn't get her phone out quick enough to snap a picture. So I maneuvered through traffic to get close. We crept up, camera at the ready but the dog had apparently decided to lie down. Sigh.

Of note, this whole conversation and unfolding paparazzi drama was outloud and the children were kind of interacting. The bulldog car turned after we passed it and my daughter mentioned it. A few blocks later the 6 year old pipes up from the back seat, "Mom! I see the dog. Is that the dog?" My daughter looks around, I look around. She says" he turned a ways back. I don't see his car." The 6 year old points and says, "that car right there!"

My daughter started laughing. "Oh, Honey, that's not a dog. That's a little old lady with fluffy hair."
not a mooshface bulldog, not a little old lady either. just a beagle butt.