Monday, October 06, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Cake Parade and Harvest Auto and Machinery Review

 Ha. Ha. So I said I'd post over my four day weekend. Yeah, right. Hope you didn't hold your breath. 

The desserts went over very well at the wedding. I didn't even get a taste of the strawberry beauty & made out of my recipe. Fortunately I was with my 7-year-old-foster-granddaughter and she couldn't finish her raspberry fudge deliciousness so I did get to taste that one. 
Thursday I was going to do a massive grocery run and get an early start on the cakes. Instead, I got to drive out to tiny town Wahoo Nebraska in between meeting my adult-woman-baby-child for breakfast, & and her 3-year-old and shopping for ingredients for the baking fest. &'s cousin, Trevor, owns a new dealership in Wahoo and he's kinda like a personal shopper for cars and trucks. If that makes sense. 

I HATE buying cars. With a passion. I've actually gotten hostile with a few smarmy used car salesman types. Rob's and my last car was new and we got it from our nephew at the big dealership he worked at in Omaha. It was the smoothest car buying session in the history of every car we've ever purchased. Painless. We send people to him because of the ease and because it's great to trust someone with your big buck decisions. Everyone raves about his knack of making car shopping simple. About five months ago Trevor moved into his own location. But with a spin. Most of his business is over the internet. Basically, you just let him know your specs (how much you want to spend, what type of vehicle, what must haves, etc.) and he finds a vehicle and gets you into it. 
He was going out of town over the weekend and & wanted to get her van before he left. So we headed out there. Again, painless. I sat in the waiting room and played with the 3-year-old until she had to take a poo. Then had to join her in the bathroom. 

The poo took longer than the paper work, I swear. 
If you are interested here's Trevor's website. Here it is. 
Back to wedding cakes...look for recipes. Coming soon.