Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Germ

Hey kids. Germ is the focus of the water cooler discussion in Christian fiction this week. Germs and water coolers, doesn't sound like a good idea. Keep gets worse.

Robert aka Bob Liparulo even answered some of my questions. I'll shoot those into cyberspace on Friday.

Germ: The details.

Germ: The author link

Germ: The Review....

I anticipated the release, even itched, to get my hands on "Germ." I didn't read "Comes a Horseman" but followed comments and reviews of Liparo's first novel. I knew "Germ" would be a book that generated conversation.

Violence and gore is one of the charges leveled against "Comes a Horseman," " Germ" contains blood and guts, too. This isn't an easy read. The subject matter is rough. But the gore isn't gratuitous or sensational, its sharing a story that is very visual and sense oriented. So much so that if you can't do suspense or strong violence you may want to avoid it. I can't watch war movies because of what the death and violence do to my spirit, but I clipped through "Germ," so use that as a guide if you are squeamish.

Another topic of discussion that's come up is the "lack" of strong Christian threads throughout Liparolo's work. I have a few comments about that, too. There is no prayer printed on the last page, or extremely evangelical characters, but I found a realistic and positive protrayal of a Christian character that presented love and forgiveness within the pages of "Germ."

What do you want from your Christian fiction? If you are looking for a salvation plan based story, you probably won't be satisfied with the Christian content in "Germ." But if you like art that points out the differences between redeemed and unredeemed with the themes of love and redemption swirled throughout the story like subtle brush strokes adding light on a painting, you'll likely appreciate Liparulo's subtle touches.

As far as story goes. I can see why there is talk of a movie. I had actors picked out for most of the parts. This story is suspenseful, thrilling, twisty and edge of seat. A scenario so not farfetched that it hits a little too close to my comfort zone.

The book is also well written with some vivid and often beautiful descriptions (or vivid descriptions that just might curl your toes.)

"Germ" is a great read. I recommend it.