Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Only The Nose Knows....

I have a stuffy nose.

I'm trying to keep it from turning into a massive cold.  How? Oregano oil. UGH. My dad, the wise pharmacist, bought some for me a few years ago. And dang it. It works. Seriously. 

This is kinda what it feels like to take a shot of it...

Pretend that you take fresh/dried oregano. (Pungent already, right? Think Italian food intensity if you can't picture it...that pizza sauce spice that is super strong...) Then take that oregano and crush it into paste and mix it with (this is for exaggeration not attempt this at home, just kidding about the ingredients, seriously, do I need to even say that?)  turpentine (or gasoline would work, or diesel fuel, used motor oil -- basically the most horrifically intense oily medium you can imagine..k?). Then pour a drop or two into water and chug it. Throw it back and feel the burn, baby, burn all the way throughout your body. Do this two, three times a day til the noxious mixture knocks all invading bacteria or virus from your body.

Usually, I feel like oregano oil kicks an oncoming cold within three days. I mean...if the cure doesn't kill you, right? 

However, since I'm fighting a cold with it's Italiano spices, I'm not sure I can come up with anything really coherent to post. So. I've spent a little time mindlessly playing. I've found Bored Panda which often has entertaining there's that. And I love tweaking photos on pic monkey. Hence my nose, in all the abstract weirdness I could throw on it.