Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Scenes from Oklahoma...

A Lifesaving Storm Shelter. The flood plain is too high to allow for basements. 


Rob and the copperhead.
One thing I didn't know about tornadoes even though I live in tornado country. Apparently, cars are extremely dangerous. 

If a tornado sucks up a car and it remains in there long enough it becomes crushed into a large rolling ball and can shoot out create secondary damage to homes, structures and even people. 

Our crew found a copperhead snake which unsettled the whole group. On a good note, they found some lost treasures and heard stories that reinforced their faith. And they were able to bring blessings to so many people and were blessed in turn.  

One family told them about a litter of kittens born the night after the tornado. The little girl carefully named them. 

One was named tornado. Another stormy. A third one was named destruction. And number four, she named hope. 

Faith, in spite of it all.
The team we sent went through an organization,  Service International and had a good experience. The organization was efficient and organized and the people they worked with were a blessing as well.  Service International provides equipment and work with local churches. 
Metal driven into a tree.

A found treasure