Thursday, July 26, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Deja Vu to You, Too.

I listen to other people’s conversations. Not to pry -- just simple curiosity -- always seeking a creative twist in story telling and/or material.

I never use listening devices. If someone is loud enough, I’ll turn my ear their direction in case there’s a story brewing. People watching. Yeah, that’s it, harmless character gleaning.

While waiting in line at the video store the other day, I observed a man engaged in a discussion with the clerk. “What do you mean I have late fees?”

Clicking away on the keyboard, the clerk pulled up his file. “Yes, from June 2nd.”

“No.” He started naming movies and holding up fingers. “I rented three and returned them. After that, I rented Déjà Vu, but I know I returned it on time.”

My inner giggler picked up on that and I started a silent chuckle. Finally I had to bite my lip to keep from blurting something like. “Been there, done that, eh?” or “I want to rent Déjà Vu how much does it go for? Oh, never mind, I got it last month.”

But I’ve learned – call it déjà vu if you will – that what seemed terribly quippy or clever in my mind – usually invites an open-mouthed stare once I share it.

That’s why I blog. Because I can imagine you all laugh at my witty posts rather than scratch your head and mutter.