Monday, June 03, 2013

Scraps and Snippets ~ Easy Peasy Use Up Leftovers...

Great use for bits and pieces of leftovers to make for some tasty eats. 

Leftover pasta, quinoa or rice or an enticing combo you've got. 

Leftover veggies

Beans or meat substitute of your choice

The last bit of hummus or baba ganoush and equal amounts of veggie broth, spaghetti sauce or salsa

Saute or steam your veggie  bits. Add the hummus or baba ganough and sauce and heat through. Add your meat substitute if desired. Pour or spoon over your pasta, quinoa or rice. Serve.

I used Baba ganoush with veggie broth, chunks of Beyond Meat, and leftover veggies and my lime cilantro brown rice and quinoa.