Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Serials and Scenarios - The Perfect Life

Click on the book cover to visit the Amazon page for more info and more reviews of The Perfect Life. Robin Lee Hatcher has visited the Dregs before. Click here for her interview.

My Review:

The Perfect Life is a drama involving a woman's crash into the reality of the fallen world. Even more difficult is the fact that she faces the brutal truth that Christianity is not a promise of the sweet life. Her struggle to survive, accept and overcome her rude awakening, winds through the novel and is told through both first person and supporting third-person characters.

The drama unfolds a lot like the story of Job with much inner soul-searching and lamenting on the part of Katherine.

Those who avoid novels with a lot of introspection may struggle with the slower moving format of a woman devastated and her plunge into self-preservation.

However, sticking with the story and following the heart-breaking progress from broken dreams to hope is very much worth the trip.