Friday, April 13, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Law Lesson...Glad I Passed...

Friday the 13th is an appropriate time to post these pictures. 

Last night's Citizen Police Academy topic was tasing. Two volunteers jumped at the chance and did not chicken out...even though they had to sit through explanations and videos and loads of stories. I'm thinking the horrific picture quality adds a splash of surreality to the whole thing, don't you?

& is out of town so I went alone to class. Part of me is secretly glad for this fact. Because had she been there, we might have talked each other into a mother daughter tasing moment. Well, maybe. I actually got a little queasy when I saw the tasing ends that they actually use on criminals. They look a lot like fish hooks.
Seriously, fish hooks. 

The volunteers got the testing ends that don't hook, they just leave little burn marks. Oh. Well, in that case, sign me up.

Why tasing? The instructor explained how effective it really is. The alternatives to using it all have the potential for greater consequences. Is it better to risk breaking someone's arm because they are fighting? Risking an officer's injury and recovery process, the safety of bystanders, greater risk of damage to property, and in really ugly situations death? With a taser, vicious or panicked animals can be subdued, imminent suicides can be prevented, lives saved and it's almost as simple as five seconds of pain and paralysis with no after effects. Makes sense. He shared some stories where lives were saved because the more debilitating control measures did not have to be taken. And had those measures been used, the costs would've skyrocketed. 

Interesting little tool I don't want to meet up and personal, ya know?