Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ That Moment

That Moment... those snippets of time frozen in an epiphany of understanding. Sometimes they are so sweet. So poignant. So surreal. 
innocent party? actually in spite of the look on her face, yes. 

Other "That moments" not so much. 

Case in point. 
Free range beagle. Notice the lack of eye contact. Clearly a sign of her guilt. 

"That moment" when you realize that your co-worker is indeed looking to you to do this thing they need done. Thankyouverymuch. 

"That Moment when I stare 52 in eye yet have the largest zit I've ever had on my face. A Chunnel sized zit on my chin. I call it a Chunnel because it seems to cover miles underground. I haven't had one of those bad boys in years. I blame filthy little paws and hands that haven't been on my face for years and have recently entered my life. Oh well, the love is worth it. Right? 

Another 'That Moment" when scrubbing the second shower stall and making the bed, and cleaning off the counter again, and vacuuming and horking crap from one location into it's proper place and discovering that I feel old. This is magnified by the following "That Moment" and the fact that we have a mouse/mice in the house. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Epic "That Moment" opening the door two hours later than you intended on getting home and discovering...one puppy resting nicely in the kennel and the other one free ranging. WHAT?!? and no idea how that escape happened or how long the Home on the Range song played whilst she made herself at home. 

Miracle. I mean MIRACLE upon discovering that the only things amiss were the addition of stinky stench coming from two brown piles.