Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ The Winds Will Blow

23 works in a coffee shop and an old menu item has become a hot signature object for a handful of people.

The shop offers delicious smoothies of various flavors and combinations. On the artistic and eye catching sign board there was a simple statement that the new Hurricane flavor was now available.

But that was then and this is now. The Hurricane started out being an ice cream smoothie. But the shop began making homemade ice creams and The Hurricane just wasn't a big seller. So when people came into the shop and looked at the smoothie sign, they were told, "Don't order The Hurricane. It's not available." That's when the questions begin and the occasional hankering for The Hurricane.

Then came the recent flashpoint. The Hurricane must have been catching more eyes and causing more hankerings than ever before and this story of the legendary but unavailable Hurricane had been told a few too many times. The sign could simply be erased but no one took the time to erase The Hurricane off the menu board. They just redirected. One new customer, though, took it upon himself to push the issue. He didn't want a Hurricane but insisted that it really needed to be a real and available drink if it was indeed on the sign.

A brainstorming session consisting of two employees, Mr. Customer and myself took place. I insisted that they just make up a drink and call it The Hurricane. How about multiple fruit stripes drizzled down the sides of the clear cup and a splash of tropical flavoring like coconut and macadamia nut or pineapple. Voila. A Hurricane. 23 told an innocent and uninvolved customer, the day before the big Hurricane think tank, that The Hurricane was all fruit flavors blended into one delicious drink. He bought it, she made it and the solution was almost found. Mr. Customer was a bit cynical and made a few snide comments as he sipped his strawberry smoothie. But the other barrista said she'd flat out refuse to make a Hurricane with all the fruit flavors. She's very tall and the fruit purees are kept at the bottom of a small refrigerator and her complaint was that she "hates to bend over."

Imagine my surprise when I received this picture today. A sign without The Hurricane. Situation resolved. Mr. Customer got it, too. 23 took care of the problem.

And this whole situation has me thinking....but there's not room for it here and now. Come back.