Monday, November 23, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles - Picture Perfect Adventure

The Saturday adventure was a photo shoot for dogs.


Twenty-three wanted some professional pictures of her double-troubles.

We hauled a bag full of props and helps to a local park and met our photographer friends.

The pictures are ones I snapped while attempting to keep peace. Many other photos, most that displayed various scenarios of "what were we thinking poses."

In order to photograph in shady spots to avoid the annoying shadow issues, terrain challenges cropped up.

Big ones.

Pictured is the photographer slowing while falling down the hill. Twenty-three saved her. Probably because she wanted the whole roll of her babies.

Yes, adventure it was, with many blurred photos as a subject decided to lurch for the dangling treat reward for sitting and staying. One-at-a-time close-ups required many face cleanings because the treats caused faucet drooling behavior and the lurching, lunging and pacing ended up pasting slime trails on a dog sibling face.

Double shots were even more of a challenge. When one looked obediently at the camera, the other would pull out a psycho-squirrel face or would lunge the opposite direction.

But, we should have some keepers.

And we definitely have some stories.