Friday, May 12, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Pat and the Thanksgiving ABC's - Part 2

Did I mention Mom has a touch of Irish?

Cleaning the pantry cupboard was not okay with her. Pat proceeded to unload the cupboard contents onto the kitchen table that was being used for Thanksgiving preparation.

Did I mention Pat has a penchant for danger?

Most of the interaction between the two that morning has blurred into fuzzy, amusing memories, though I do remember seeing several lightning bolts shoot from Mom’s eyes.

Thanksgiving set-up took twice as long. We either had to wait until a can laden Pat scurried out of closet toward the table, or we went the back way around. I stopped asking “what?” when I realized Mom’s mutterings were probably best left as mutters.

The pantry cupboard sure started looking nice. Pat’s running commentary was unnecessary, though, except for his personal danger/adrenaline factor. He felt the need to point out odd or out-dated things, often with a laugh or wisecrack. To this day, I am impressed that Pat doesn’t walk with a permanent limp.

As was usual, the project got a little more involved. Apparently, Pat was inspired by the pristine shelves. He disappeared. Mom and I took advantage of the lull in cross traffic and rushed to the china cabinet to retrieve the serving dishes. Pat returned with an El Marko.

“What are you doing now?” Her knuckles clenched white around the turkey baster.


Mom’s mutterings increased in quantity and volume. I hummed happy songs and looked nervously between the two of them.

Pat grinned, turned around and got to work.

He finished about the same time the little temperature button popped on the turkey. And brandishing his victorious El Marko, he disappeared into the bathroom.

Mom’s pantry cupboard is alphabetized and organized. A shrine to her husband’s near loss of limb or life.

The woman deserves a great Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all...