Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - I Love My Job

I made the mistake of asking my oldest daughter for a subject to blog about.

She suggested..."My Life as a Proctologist."

Fortunately, blogging about my life as a proctologist will be pure fiction or rambling, so I think I'm up (or down) for it.

As an x-ray technician, I get plenty of patient caregiver intimacy. Arm's length and I am glad of it. For a few seconds I considered going further into nursing, but then I remembered nursing requires involvement in bodily functions. In x-ray, at least in my realm of limited x-ray, I deal with breathing, some conversation, a few laughs, an occasional cough and a very rare sneeze.

I don't need to tell you that proctology doesn't exactly appeal to me, do I?

Other jobs I'm pretty sure I don't envy:

Refuse Collection (Trash Chick)
Sewage Plant Worker
Reptile Herder
Rocky Mountain Oyster Collector
Snake Milker
Any job ever appearing on Dirty Jobs including that of the host.

After running this little essay past my daughter she tells me I passed her test. I feel better.

In case you are curious, proctology is not recognized in the blogger dictionary.

Maybe all the other bloggers need to use it more often.

Just a thought.