Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Serials and Scenarios - Stuck in the Middle

Author Virginia Smith visited a few months ago. Click here to read her interview.

My Review:

As a woman without the benefit of sisters, some of Stuck in the Middle was almost a foreign language to me.

It did make me both relieved and more than a little sad that I don't have a woman or two in my life who helped shape me from birth.

Smith does an excellent job in making the birth order, sister love/angst big as life. I enjoyed spending time with the sisters when they clicked and not so much when they didn't, which is very similar to the way I feel around real sister units.

Joan, the middle daughter, was the focus in the novel. I found myself almost wanting to protect her from the circumstances in the story.

If you like characters that step off the pages, or kind men, or dogs, you'll probably enjoy Stuck in the Middle as much as I did. Of course, if you have a sister or two, you should probably check into "Stuck." Twenty-somethings who are looking for a ministry fit might find some common sense guidance within "Stuck." The spiritual themes were not overbearing and were realistic.

Overall a pleasant, fun and poignant read.