Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Island Inferno

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My Review:

This is a true blend of a character/relationship driven story and a plot powered novel. Holton's diverse and fascinating experiences add intriguing depth to a plot that involves so many characters it could get out of control. But Holton manages to keep things moving along and buttoned down.

I did get lost in some of the jargon, but tool/technology lovers should dig the references to guns, spy equipment, explosives and some other things that went way over my head.

Into this tight mix, Holton, weaves a fair amount of spiritual undertones and truths.

The jungle atmosphere and a legend added intensity to the plot. I appreciated Holton's clarity and strength with point of view. He stayed within the same character's head throughout each scene, making the read much more enjoyable for me.

Action lovers are likely to devour "Island", suspense fans should find much to like, too.

Happy 4th and have a good weekend.

Thanks, Chuck, and all the service men and women who have sacrificed on behalf of the United States of America to secure, protect and win our freedom.