Friday, September 05, 2014

Serials and Scenarios ~ drips coffee/gallery - review

 I have been negligent, again. How could I go to a coffee shop many, many times and not review it?  
I will rectify this now. 

drips is the most unique coffee shop I've ever been in. For starters, there are limited coffee house sounds such as screaming, steaming milk. When coffee is ordered the owner/artist, Tres, grinds the perfect number of beans and crafts a delicious pour over. 

Pretty much, those who want frou-frou with chocolate or caramel drizzle with meh coffee shouldn't plan on having that itch scratched. However, fans of coffee...the real deal with all the diverse qualities that make each estate, each coffee growing region unique will adore Tres's pours. Tres chooses beans with coffee lover palates in mind. And he's more than happy to talk about the subtle and not-so-subtle qualities of the coffee. 

Tres also experiments with other drinks, I watched him make an iced coffee yesterday, and I've heard about some amazingly decadent creations that include things like butter. 

Right now he is serving a unique bean and he updates his Facebook Page often.  He even offers a little historical coffee information about the limited-time newest bean offering. 
drips atmosphere is cool and ever changing. Different artists hang their pieces in the gallery, and Tres often is hard at work on his own creations. 

I think drips is the only non-chain coffee location in Council Bluffs. If you are a coffee lover you owe it to yourself to check it out if you are a Council Bluffs or Omaha resident or visitor. Located in the historic Main Street section of Council Bluffs, it's near the Dodge House and infamous Squirrel Cage Jail.