Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scribble and Scrambles - Is Time Flying or is it Just Me?

November 11th.

Wasn't it just August?

Before I begin blabbing and blathering about time, let me throw out a "Thank You!" to all of America's armed service members past and present.

I am not ignorant of the "gift" of time won by you and your sacrifices.

Thank you.

Now, back to my blather.

Thanksgiving is breathing down our necks, and when that happens Christmas is just around the corner. Part of me delights in the family and togetherness of these holidays. But part of me never "feels" ready.

Now that the stores cleaned out Halloween on the first of November and replaced it with Christmas I feel rushed.

We even saw a Salvation Army bell ringer the other day. Wow.

I can hear the tick-tick-tick of the stopwatch (or the ring, ring, ring of the bell).

So much to do and times a wasting.

Help me out here. Share a memory of your most laid back and relaxing holiday ever.

I'll see what I can come up with.

This week is full of book reviews and interviews. So fiction lovers, make sure you check in every day. James Scott Bell gave me some superb responses. If you are a fan, you must come back on Friday for his interview. Lisa Samson and Tamera Leigh were loads of fun to "talk" to also.

And I'll share a holiday memory sometime this week.