Monday, February 02, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Chia, I Told You!!!

So I had to do one of those meme things on Facebook.

My 25 Random Things About Me included:

"I found out that chia (as in Chia Pets) are edible seeds that are very good for you. I have to make Chia muffins for my Sunday School class on Sunday."

This little statement has already netted three comments. One was very serious and supportive...thanks, Erin...the others...well, let's just say they oozed sarcasm.

I quote:

"After you eat a chia muffin, does your hair grow better?"

"I want to know if after you eat the chia muffin you start to grow hair in unusual places - YOU DONT HAVE TO ANSWER THAT!! Ha!Ha!"

So Nora and Ane might I introduce you to the very serious nutritional powerhouse in a very tiny package. (This is also known as milking something for a complete waste of time blog post, and/or doing research you planned to do anyway and using it to fill an otherwise empty blog.)

Click on the pictures to be forwarded to the always enlightening Wikipedia pages.

And you do know that the next time I see you ladies I'll be packing chia muffins...right?