Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - The Void

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My Review:
I can't believe I haven't yet discovered Mark Mynheir's previous novels.
Mynheir is an author worth watching.

Tense, tight prose, fascinating police-work details, strong grasp of point of view, and a spine-tingling plot sucked me into The Void and didn't let me go until the heart-twisting conclusion.

Though part of a series, I found this novel to be comfortable as a stand alone. I didn't feel overwhelmed with backstory nor did I feel like I'd thoroughly missed a chunk of previous life that would have helped flesh this story out.
I will head back and pick up the titles I've missed.

Suspense lovers, police novel fans, great story junkies...pick up The Void. Like Dekker, Hines, Liparulo, Gansky, Wilson or Collins? Add Mynheir to your list.
Come back Friday (8-24-07) for Mark's Dreg interview. He wrote a scene that curled my toes.