Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A Wee Bit of Bunny Lovin Cuteness

Look at me. I be a big bunny.

It is a rough job to grow so fast. Really rough.
 10 Days. 

There are eyeballs peeking out. And suddenly, overnight, these little buggers are acting like bunnies. 

These teeny, tiny, miniature bunnies. They sit and sleep (sometimes) in the bunny pose instead of all sprawled out. 

Not all six eyes are open to the world, but they will be by the time you read this. 

Ha.Ha. Hop, Skip and Jump.
Unbelievable this bizarre miracle of life. 

Peekie, Peekie.
One of my friends keeps saying. "Seriously, look what God can do in 28 days. You can't plant a tomato seed and get tomatoes in 28 days." 

Amazing. And, in case I haven't said this enough. STINKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I'm a big shot. I hang with the grown-ups.