Friday, July 29, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Travel Tales Part 11

So I've managed to double my vacation time by posting about it. Beats putting pictures in a drawer.

These are pictures snapped from our little trek on Uncle Tom's Trail. This bad boy had some warnings about what we might encounter, and who should stay behind.

I don't remember the exact length of this trail or step count. But there were over 300 steps. That doesn't seem biggie at all, right? But before the steps were packed dirt switchback trails that delivered us to the steps. Then appeared the warning signs about the steep climb. Okay, I began to get a little more concerned that we were not on a simple stroll. We began to climb down. The first picture is the view of water from the beginning of the descent. The moss-dotted tree hid in the deeply shaded forest along the trail.

I did not count the actual number of staircases. This is representative of many and at the mid-wayish point...(used a picture opp as a chance to breath...ha.ha). Notice the caved in area on the step. There were plenty of those spots along the staircase. I'm assuming boulders shake loose and travel down the steps.

After several minutes spent climbing down we hit the bottom and a small platform almost close enough to feel the spray of the waterfall. There was enough room for about a dozen people to hang out a bit before heading back up the steps. At first I was concerned that we wouldn't actually get to take a picture or even see the waterfall because there was a photographer who had his big old camera set up on a big old tripod.