Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A Peek

My quirks are not limited to home or out. They are pretty much equal opportunity quirks. 
However, I have to draw the line for two of them. You see, my hair is at the awkward stage where if I can get it controlled I really like it but it takes help to get control. One of those helps is headbands. I've picked up cheap ones over the years that I wouldn't wear in public for various assorted reasons, like embarrassment. 

Monday as soon as I got home from work I donned my Delta Dawn headband. Remember Delta Dawn? My aunts maybe liked the song. Or I heard it often when I hung out with them during my formative years. The words are something along the lines of "Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on, could it be a faded rose from days gone by? And did I hear you say he'd be coming for you today? To take you to his mansion in the sky?" So, see why I can't wear it in public? You do not want me wandering around muttering those lyrics. Ha. Ha. 

And my other shame clothing item? Bears Love People (They Taste Like Chicken). I bought the t-shirt in Montana. It was mostly cute to me, and humorous, cause I'm kind of twisted. And the big clincher was that it was half price. Yeah. I'm that kind of tourist. So I put it on a day after I bought it and found out a man had been killed in Yellowstone that morning. Uh. Tasteless. (Bad pun.)

There you have my semi-selfie shout outs and fashion fails. Carry on.