Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Tax Day and Crappy Weather... A Poem

On Saturday the breeze blew a gentle 84
The air, a bit thick with promise of rain
Lack of common sense scented the smoke tinged ozone as fools burned brush piles ignoring the warning of high chance of raging grass fires.

We scribbled in numbers on our tax preparer's form, scratching out explanations. I made my husband take the walk of shame to drop it off, alone. We are those people. Tax procrastinators that cause accountants to gray early and develop tics.

Sunday, the skies opened with rain. Sheets of rain, thunder, lightning, even hail. 
Rain. Rain. Rain. Wet feet, soggy shoes and a long nap.

Monday. Iowa played one of her favorite games. Stump the weather man, tease the birds, torture the inhabitants who have complained about the longest. winter. ever. 
Snow. 24 degrees. Snow. On top of frozen rain slicking the streets, causing delays, making for a manic Monday. 

60 degrees in 72 hours. 
This is Iowa. Spring in Iowa. Or Fall. Heck, it could even happen in winter. 

Tax preparer must talk to me today. Needs clarification. Payback. He got the walk of shame. I have to do the talk. 

There are three things that are true in Iowa. Death, taxes and crazy weather.