Monday, March 26, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Babies Are Agile

My family may be really odd, but…. Oh, wait. We ARE really odd.

For just a split-second, I forgot we capitalize the fun in dysFUNction.

One of our favorite family things would be inside jokes.

I knew my daughter-in-law would fit right in the day she doubled over in laughter while standing in front of our refrigerator.

This is a little twisted -- but bear with me. Our son. The eldest offspring carrying the banner of odd, found magnets amusing. Oh, not the poetry magnets…those would’ve gotten buried on our fridge.

Our community believes in information fairs that provide a plethora of pertinent magnets. Somehow, somewhere I picked up a magnet from a shaken baby syndrome task force. The white magnet read “Babies are Fragile.” Nice sentiment, all too true, wonderful public service.

But one day my son asked. “Mom, what does it mean that babies are agile?” (I won’t tell you how old he was.) Annoyed, (which I often was when my very intelligent, old-teen kid asked me nutty questions) I glanced at the magnet.

Someone had used White-Out on the fr. Mr. Comedian laughed it up, I shook my head, but smiled inside. Every once in awhile, his sister or father would clean off the White-Out, bringing it back to fragile.

Then the fr would disappear again.

So, the girl who loves my son, asked about the magnet. I told her the story. She laughed. They got married. And we talk about agile babies every once in awhile.

Words that bring a flood of memories and a laugh or two include:

Coco-nutty Day
Sea biscuits
Chee chago
Sticky Buns
Johnny Cat

The list goes on and on.

Now that I think about it. My brothers and I still laugh about “You’re bending my glasses.”

Did I mention we were odd?