Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Unearthed Treasures

Remodeling Update:

My closet is done except for the hardware. My bedroom is done except for my closet.

I've been packing stuff so that I can move it to it's new home.

When I say stuff, I mean just that.

Why do I keep items I don't use?

Visualize three years of dust layered upon a black leather purse and an emerald green leather bag.

I've kept them: a) because they are leather. b) because something in my life might change and I may downsize my purse needs so my junk might fit into the sweet black tiny purse, or I'll buy the perfect outfit needing an emerald green leather bag.

I think not.

I scraped off the layer of fur and shoved them in a "going to Goodwill" sack so maybe they'll be of more use to someone than filtering fuzz from my airspace.

I cringe when I calculate how many dollars in junk I've donated to Goodwill in the past three or four months. Suppose this tells me a bargain isn't a bargain unless I need it? Or that need and want are miles apart in meaning?

I did unearth a treasure. A piece of antique lace that I found in my previous house. But why was it tucked away and hidden? No one can value the beauty of the treasure when it's buried away, especially when it's buried with things of no value.

Spiritual application? I think so.

Here's hoping you clean out some junk and find some treasure today.